Internet Network Marketing – The New Attraction Model – How You Too Can Learn to Become a Leader!

Prior to the Internet Marketing era, the average network marketer could not afford to develop & maintain an effective marketing campaign. The normal mediums of print, television & radio though used by other businesses successfully were out of reach due to upfront & on going costs. Warm market (personal friends)lists, cold calling & the 3foot rule were the acceptable promoted Network Marketing strategies for prospecting, also referred to as lead generation or sifting & sorting. Numerous participants in the Network Marketing industry both corporate & distributor really did not know or understand that network marketing should be built & treated like any other successful business.

Enter the era of the internet & specifically Web 2.0 & enlightened network marketers began to prosper quicker & in greater numbers than ever before. Given the average 97% failure rate for the average network marketer in the old model, the New Attraction Model is the proverbial “breath of fresh air ” the industry has needed for some time.

Because doing “the business”(a term used for being a network marketer) in this NEW Model is still relatively new, the opportunity has never been greater to qualify & emerge as a substantial leader in the Internet Network Marketing business.

For those fortunate enough to find, connect with & understand the attraction model PLUS the coaches to empower them, there is no limit to both income (from home I might add) & opportunity.

The wisest thing I have learned to do after years of both struggles & minor successes in the Network Marketing business was to throw away my names list & quit trying to create need with my friends & relatives where there was none. The joy of having dozens of already sold, highly targeted prospects come to me daily, (and actually get paid upfront in the process whether they join my opportunity or not) has revolutionized my life & business.

The neat thing is that anyone can learn to implement these same simple strategies. Those aspiring to become leaders in the internet network marketing business must realize we are first & foremost solution providers. Aspiring leaders must get settled in their mind up front that people are literally crying out for capable qualified “coaching.”

Because you are reading this article my guess is that you either are looking for that missing piece of the puzzle to explode your network marketing business or aspire to become the next international industry leader in this new attraction model. Either way help is waiting for you & is accessible.

Experience the lifestyle of really being able to offer value for your team & those looking to join your team by taking action & learning what so many others are beginning to learn; that is there IS a much better way to achieving initial & ongoing success as a professional Internet Network Marketing leader.

After reading this article, the rest is up to you.

Warren Little, an experienced , network marketing trainer , coach & consultant has chosen to teach aspiring leaders & expert networkers how promote & brand themselves not their company or a system & to build their prospect lists while getting into positive cash flow QUICKLY. The methods…with step-by-step video tutorials & explanations even beginners can follow show how to develop multiple steams of income independent of the networkers primary opportunity . With Warren’s help, Internet Marketing experts or those with a list can learn how to fully monetize the prospecting process while giving tremendous value thru these wealth creating strategies.

Home Based Business – What is Network Marketing and MLM?

Are Network Marketing and MLM the same? What is Network Marketing? What is MLM? This article offers simple answers to these questions.

Network Marketing and MLM are, basically, the same. They are two ways to look at the same thing, which is a business model. Network Marketing or MLM is a way of conducting business, of distributing products, services or information.

Network Marketing refers to the way the marketing is made, how the sales are created, how the distribution of products take place. So, the marketing in this business is made through a network of people. How you create that network is up to you.

Traditionally, this would be the circle of influence you already have and build day by day with people you know (family, friends, coworkers, etc.). By connecting with them you can reach their own circle of influence too, so that the network never stops growing. In recent years, the Internet has helped creating a new way to network with people you don’t need to know personally. Internet Network Marketing is becoming more and more popular, and it means that the Network is created online.

When you join a Network Marketing company, you start your own business. Your goal is to make money. You can sell your products through that network I talked about. You can use traditional methods, internet network marketing or a combination of both.

Now you have to get paid for your efforts. This is where MLM comes in the figure. It refers to the way you are paid, which is in multiple levels of marketing. This is because you not only sell products but the business opportunity thus building an organization of associates or distributors. Every time you make a sale, you get paid. And every time they make a sale, you benefit too. As your organization grows, your income potential does too. Since this creates multiple levels where the marketing is made, is called Multi Level Marketing or MLM.

There are different compensation plans and every Network Marketing Company chooses one to compensate their consultants. Usually they come with other ways to make money like bonuses or contests.

In sum, Network Marketing and MLM can be used indistinctly. The first refers to the way the products or services you offer are going to be marketed and ultimately, sold: through a network of people. The second refers to the way you are going to be paid: in multiple levels of compensation according to the sales you and your organization make.

Network Marketing has come of age. It is an industry that can contributes billions of dollars to the economy even in the middle of crisis. More and more people are realizing its potential and becoming part of its force

Network Marketing – What Happened to It?

Network marketing has taken on a whole new meaning in the last several years thanks to technology. The reason? Well, the networking aspect has expanded into a completely new paradigm.

In the past, when you built a successful MLM business it meant your network was primarily people you already knew…friends, family, neighbors, and business associates, and you usually introduced them to your new products or opportunity by inviting them to a meeting in a home or local hotel. From there, you’d continue to work with their circle of influence and so forth. Does that method still work? Of course, for some people really well, but I think the trends are moving towards a major shift.

In today’s world, many people just don’t have the time or the desire to build a home business that way. People are looking for a way to have more time freedom, have the flexibility to truly make extra income from the comfort of their own home on their own schedule, and they are naturally networking over the Internet. They often fit their part time business around job and lifestyle, and their friends and family are the last people they want to pitch a product or opportunity to… at least until they’ve experienced success, or because they haven’t achieved success with other attempts.

Networking is moving to a model associated with computers, social media, and the way the world connects through communication. This has opened the doors to social networking nationally and even globally with people you have never met and may never meet. And it’s something that people of all ages are beginning to do everyday through venues like My Space, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the myriad of other targeted social and business networks being introduced at warp speed.

Does that mean we’ve lost the ability to build relationships? Absolutely not! In fact, it can create the most amazing relationships with people having a wider range of backgrounds, cultures, personalities, and global networks of their own. This has added a completely new dimension to doing business in the network marketing industry called attraction or permission based marketing.

The key, then, to designing a successful global network marketing business is finding ways to effectively and purposefully connect to this incredible network of people…the marketing part of network marketing. It is referred to as list building, and the best way is to go Online by Design. Need help with that? By far the best resource I’ve used is called Marketing Merge, sometimes referred to as Renegade University Featuring step by step video tutorials geared for the beginner, this online internetwork marketing training will help you in getting your value based content out there for people to see. Even better, you can start using it at no cost.

From the basic training, you can choose to upgrade to the professional package and learn how to create affiliate income using funded proposals while building a spider web of rich content to attract people to you. Once you’ve established yourself online, it’s time to coach others to success and create your own training materials following the very same methods. Marketing Merge offers support every step of the way, including promoting your personal brand to the already vast network of users. Whether you are new to using the Internet to grow your business or already at an advanced level, linking to professionals for training, support, and joint ventures, will enhance your success and save you time and money.

Success in network marketing requires at least these 2 things…a network of people to talk to and serve, and marketing, your means to building that network. Online marketing, using effective tools and communication, can help create an unlimited network of leads worldwide. Offering value and building trust can result in those leads becoming relationships that, in turn, bring profit to everyone you do business with, whether they join your primary company or not.

Network Marketing Online – Is it the New Revolution?

In earlier days, there were meetings held in hotels to build network marketing business. It was quite uncomfortable but at that time it was only the possible thing around which really worked. Everyday, the same procedures follows to make cold calls and invite family and friends over but still nothing extra ordinary happened. A question arises in every marketing business companies that are their any better way for it available in the market which have a more profitable ratio on its side. Then there came the revolution of network marketing online which was acquired by loads of companies to promote their business handsomely.

Online network marketing is a field that many of the network marketers don’t prefer, merely because they were not trained for it. If the network marketers would not have opted to go on their own in search of the answers online, it would have been impossible to found the difference between offline and online marketing. You observed passing out flyers, cold calling and having meetings in the hotels sometimes do worked. It is also observed that around 97% of the network marketers quit only because of the reason of uncertain success.

Enormous bonus of taking your business of network marketing online is the fear of rejection is negligible. When you are doing door to door marketing or on streets in an offline manner, you take account of what response you may take from them, but when this marketing is done from the computer screen the fears perishes off.

In addition, working online also offers extensive opportunities to sort yourself as a principle and utilize attraction marketing in efforts to build your network marketing a successful business. An important benefit available in online network marketing is the utilization of the video to spread your point across. These video sharing sites are available at your disposal and the only thing which is required is to put yourself on there.

People using network marketing online have experienced it profitable and successful in the field of marketing. It is obvious that your senior level won’t tell you the benefits of network marketing because they don’t know it either, but the truth is that online network marketing really does work if it is done in the proper manner.

Changing the Face of Network Marketing

I want to share a secret with you…I joined a network marketing company this year. Before you hit the delete button give me five minutes to tell you why I did what I did.

So what is network marketing?

Network marketing is a way of marketing products where distributors hire other distributors and each distributor makes a percentage off their own sales as well as a percentage off of the sales of all distributors they hire, or their distributors hire, going down a number of levels. The number depends on the different companies’ compensation plans. This is called residual income; income that you get from others’ sales. In this way, every person in the company gets the help and support that they need in order to succeed. Some call it people-to-people sharing, or personal marketing, or even relationship marketing. Whatever the name it’s a way of doing business that benefits all people in the company instead of just a few at the top. Let’s look at its history.

Network marketing has been around since the 1930’s when the Fuller Brush Company and Stanley Home Products first started using ‘Referral Marketing’ to recruit new salespeople. From that time many companies have come and gone, and many have continued on. For instance, Wachters Sea Products was founded in 1932 and still to this day runs their business through network marketing. Using this type of format affords the company the advantage of using the best advertising around, word of mouth. Seeing a commercial on television is far inferior to hearing first hand from a friend or acquaintance about a product that works for them. This also allows the potential customer to ask questions, finding out more about the product from someone who uses it. The other advantage to network marketing is the fact that salespeople hire and train new salespeople. Who knows better the skills needed to be a successful salesperson than a successful salesperson already in the company?

Somewhere though, network marketing established a reputation that was unfavorable to the general public. Dishonesty runs rampant in some companies. Certain companies practiced inviting people to their homes for dinner, only to find out when they got there that it was actually a sales pitch for the company. Other companies gave themselves the name of ‘network marketing’ but were actually pyramid scams. A pyramid scam is when a prospect pays in an amount of money and gets others to pay that same amount of money without an exchange of any product or service. Pyramids are illegal. Network marketing is not a pyramid in that the basis of making money is selling your product as well as getting others to sell the product, thereby creating direct and residual income.

For me, network marketing means many advantageous things. Time freedom is one. I still have to work, and I have to work hard but I get to choose when I work, where I work and how often I work. If I want, I can take off at a moments notice to hike an alpine trail or take a Friday off and escape to a quaint little bed and breakfast in the North Cascade mountains without having to worry about getting my leave approved, having enough leave to take off, or worry about what my ‘boss’ will think. I am the boss! That’s the beauty of it. And because of my residual income I don’t really have to worry about money while I’m away. It just keeps on coming.

Network marketing also means I have the opportunity to earn an extra $200 – $800 per month part-time and $10,000-$50,000 a month and more full-time. And the harder I work, the more money I make. Can I say that about my day job? No! I know my day job pays me the same amount of money whether I sit at my desk and read emails all day or I do a Power Point presentation to 500 employees. It’s all the same. So where is the monetary or time incentive to work hard? It’s not there, but network marketing gives me the chance to prove myself and to know that I am in control of my success. If I work hard and learn, then success will come. I control my potential by my ability to turn up my drive, or down as it may be. I have the choice!

The greatest part about my new job is that almost anybody can do it. There are lawyers, doctors, teachers, actors, salespeople, mechanics, homemakers and many more who have joined the ranks of network marketers. It’s the one career that doesn’t require experience or a degree to succeed. Joining a network marketing company likens to joining a ‘family’ as you might say. They want you to succeed. They will do their best for you, train you, help you, and support you any way they can because if you succeed, they succeed, and anyone that comes in behind you has the same opportunity as you do. I don’t know how many times I’ve started a new traditional job only to find out that the employer is not willing to train me. I’m completely on my own to learn and if I don’t get it on my own, they’ll hire someone else. Many employers don’t care whether an employee succeeds or not, they just want the work done.

Another reason that I chose network marketing is that I could start part-time, testing the waters to find out if it was for me. The startup cost is minimal for most legitimate companies, so even if I decided that it wasn’t for me, I would walk away with only a small monetary loss, and a large learning experience. Starting part-time gave me the flexibility to keep my current wages (my day job), which pays my bills, while using my free time to build my business making profits so that it can eventually replace my wages. That is my ‘why’ for joining the company; that is my driving force. As Jim Rohn, author of ‘7 Strategies for Wealth and Success’ would say, “Profits are better than wages. Wages make you a living; profits make you a fortune.” Jim goes on to say “I’m working full-time on my job and part time on my fortune. But it won’t be long before I’m working full-time on my fortune…can you imagine what my life will look like?”

Network marketing offers everything that many are looking for: something to begin part-time and move into full time; a residual income as opposed to one dependent solely on time exchanged for wages; an unlimited income potential if one is willing to work hard at it; and a flexible schedule that would allow time for family and personal hobbies.

Why I chose the company I Work For

The key reason as to why I chose the company that I work for is that the products are something that I believe in. The quality is superior and the products are unique in that you can’t find anything similar on the internet.

That’s very important when choosing a network marketing company. Because no matter how many people you have selling the product, if the consumer can get it somewhere else, it just won’t sell. And remember 36 distributors times 0 sales is still 0 profit.

The other main reason I chose my company is because the company believes in empowering others to take control of their lives, monetarily, healthwise, and legally.

Company stability is very important in a network marketing company. Statistics say that more than 80% of new network marketing companies fail within the first 2 years.

The last thing you want to look for is ethical and fair management. Many companies are in it for a while only to make money for themselves. They cheat distributors out of profits and they run the company like a boot camp, not listening to their customers or their distributors who are their lifeblood. Our company’s management is amazingly fair. The company genuinely bestows the attitude that we are a family and we are working together for the good of the world.

So, I hope I have answered some questions that you have had on network marketing and the company I work for. I really believe that this type of business is the wave of the future. People just have to learn about it, be informed and make that critical decision to join the ranks and uncover their long lost freedom.